ql-fan sent: Hello!)) I just wanna say that kkangji definitely is a persian chinchilla. I’m sure because I like this breed and I have one cutie within the last 5 years. Usually their long fur needs to be sheared so that’s why kkangji has no long fur on photos) Also I think that the cat in the box is not kkangji, it looks different, idk. Thank's 4 your blog! <3

Thank you so much!!

Anonymous sent: Someone asked before what breed Rapmon was!! I am here with an answer. As someone who is training to be a dog veterinarian, I can safely say that Rapmon is an American Eskimo Dog. He's too small to be a White Shepherd and has too long of fur! ^^ I hope that clears up some questions.

thank you so much~~

Anonymous sent: I have a question, do the pets live with the boys at their dorms, or at home with their family?

We don’t know for sure but our best guess is that the pets most likely live at home with their families and not with the boys themselves. 

minkibummie sent: Do you know what kind of dog rapmon is??

We’re not 100% sure, but it appears to be that his dog might be an American White Shepherd! If anyone else can confirm the breed of dog Rapmon is please let us know! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

Anonymous sent: Hi ^.^ someone asked the breeds of jjanggu and kkangji and I just wanted to let you know that jjangu was maltese ( if he's mixed it's most likely with a shih tzu) and kkangji is either a somali or siberian (possibly a persian)

Thank you so much!

Anonymous sent: Hi i just wanted to know what breed kkanji is... Do you know???^.^

I’m sorry but I’m afraid we don’t know that kind of information about Bangtan’s pets.